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Cory Puyear, Physical Therapists and Golf Trainer, Titleist Performance Golf Fitness Certified 

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I’m about to let you in on a
 that the medical industry has kept within its inner circle for over twenty years!
I know what you’re thinking, “If all these people know about it, then it’s not a secret.” Well you know what, I’d bet my pain-free back that your not in on the secret but can really, REALLY benefit.
Why do I think this?
Because you are probably watching this because
and will do just about anything so you can
Am I right?
Listen, I know it because I used to be there.
YES ...USED to be there with back pain.  

My name is Phil and I was introduced to this secret that I’m about to tell you about and it 
It’s actually a secret technology used by physical therapists since the 1990s to train people to properly strengthen and stabilize their core with the GOAL OF RELIEVING BACK PAIN but it was never before available for home use. So stick with me and keep listening.
I know you’re either in pain now or suffer daily from a failing back. I know you can’t sleep well or sit at work or maybe in your case you just can’t stand or even walk any more without regretting it later.

Or maybe you get excruciating back spasms a few times a year.
I used to get them too. You know, when your back “goes out” and you have a “slipped disc” and you can’t stand up straight for days on end?

Or is your nerve being pinched so badly in your back that it
feels like someone is hitting the back
of your leg with a spiked
bat over and
over and
I feel for you.

If you’re like me and you finally got over the years of excruciating pain, you’re still dealing with the nagging daily stiffness and aches and the fear that your back could go out at any time.


You also likely still get back spasms for weeks at a time…but that’s just part of getting old, right? ...WRONG!

I bet you’ve been told by your physical therapists, or fitness trainer or favorite online blogger to ...

Just do it. Because a strong core will help keep the pressure off your spine. Makes a lot of sense. 

Well that IS right.

The only problem is that very, VERY few people REALLY know how to strengthen their core.

Let me start by asking you this.
If your answer is "no", then you don’t really know your core.
But I’ll get more into that in a minute so you CAN properly strengthen your core and relieve your back pain.
We know your back pain is a problem? Well I’m about to tell you something that’s also a problem (if you’re a doctor, close your ears).
It’s simply this. The medical world won’t make any money if you find relief at home—especially from a fitness product.

It’s true. They won’t get your business if you find a solution on your own. Many don’t really want you to get 100% better. They just want you to see some improvement and then come back to get more. After all, the insurance companies will pay them so it’s no skin off your back.
So, how would you like to find a solution for less than the cost of a doctor’s appointment?
  • An inexpensive solution that really can keep you from spending a ton of money for office visits.
  • A simple solution to strengthen your core and…
  • Get your core muscles balanced to take care of your back spasms
  • Reduce the pressure on the vertebrae which in turn will …
  • Reduce the pressure on the pinched nerves and…
  • Reduce a ton of inflammation in your back
What do you think if for less than the cost of a couple massage therapy appointments, you can have a long lasting solution to help you get back to the activities you love EVERY DAY?

Sound too good to be true?

Remember, take the insurance companies out of the picture and there is no motive to keep this a secret.

Let me introduce you to the…
Best of all, it just takes
4 minutes a day, 4 days a week.

Is 4 minutes worth a lifetime of less pain and less back spasms?

Four minutes a day, changed my life for good.
The CoreCoach was developed for everyone of any age and any athletic ability.

  • From 19-91
  • From the triathlete to the non-athlete
  • Postpartum to post-injury
I’ll tell you more about the CoreCoach in a moment. Right now, let me tell you how I discovered this and also tell you about the most important muscle you’ve never heard of—
your TVA muscle. If you get nothing else out of this, just take a minute to learn about the TVA.
My name is Phil. I’m the founder of MyCore Health the company behind the CoreCoach.
I have 3 herniated discs and I’ve lost almost 2 inches in height due to disc degeneration over the past 20 years.
My name is Phil. I’m the founder of MyCore Health the company behind the CoreCoach.
I have 3 herniated discs and I’ve lost almost 2 inches in height due to disc degeneration over the past 20 years.

Without going into great detail, let me just say that I used to be super active but that all changed after my first herniated disc at age 31.

I saw all kinds of practitioners over the years. They all had one thing in common. They told me to...

I religiously stretched and did my core exercises every day. But my back pain persisted. As a matter of fact I was laid up with back spasms for about 25% of my ENTIRE life during that 20 year period---that’s 5 cumulative years in pain and unable to do anything active!

Then…at age 51 I went to a physical therapists when in the midst of a super painful back spasm. She introduced me to two things that changed my world.

First she introduced me to my transverse abdominis muscle, my TVA. After twenty years of seeing practitioners and stretching and doing my crunches and plank every morning, I was not aware of my TVA.

It turns out that less than 10% of all people know about their TVA. I wasn’t alone.
So let me tell you what it is and why this is so shocking.
What is shocking is that the TVA is a HUGE muscle but it’s hidden under the six pack. It wraps around your entire midsection starting on one side of the spine, around the front and to the other side of the spine. It runs from the pubic bone to the sternum. It’s massive.

It’s also the muscle responsible for keeping us upright and stable and for absorbing the pressures on the spine and vertebrae. It acts sort of like a built-in girdle or a weight belt.
The stronger the TVA, 
the less pressure is on the spine.

The less pressure on the spine,
the less chance of back pain. 
Simple as that.
The problem is that unlike the 6-pack, most people don’t know how to activate and strengthen their TVA.
Think of it this way, if you want to flex your 6-pack, you just think about it, your brain tells your muscle and you contract your stomach muscles, your 6-pack—DONE.  

Now do that with your TVA. Come on. Just do it…


Most people don’t know where to start because their brain has not yet made the conscious connection with the muscle.

But once you make that connection, then you can strengthen the muscle and stabilize your core. And the result? Less back pain.
I mentioned that the PT told me two things. The second is this.

She pulled out a simple looking device made of an air bag and a pressure gauge. She had me lie on it.
While watching the pressure gauge she was able to determine that, even after my very active younger lifestyle and my daily exercises, my TVA was not activated.

Very quickly, with some simple guidance by watching the pressure gauge, my brain made the connection with the muscle. It took me all of 5 minutes.

Next she gave me some exercises using the device to strengthen my TVA. Again, I watched the gauge and used the visual biofeedback to coach me to strengthen the correct muscle. Watching the gauge was really important to keep me from cheating and slacking off.

It was super simple.

Here’s what happened…I immediately felt the muscle working really hard. This muscle that I wasn’t even aware of shortly before. Within days I felt more upright with better posture and I felt more stable. 
Within a few weeks I was mountain biking without taking any ibuprofen and I started windsurfing again—at age 51.
Later that year I hiked 16 miles and 5000 vertical feet up Half Dome in Yosemite. A feat I never would have previously attempted for fear that my back would have gone out in the middle.

But best of all, I have not had a single back spasm since I started using the device over two years ago NONE!
As a product developer I though, WOW, this product should not just be available for people lucky enough to come across it at a physical therapist’s office. Everyone with back pain should have access to this simple technology.

So I set my mission to help the millions of people in this world with back pain get back to the activities they love.

That was the genesis of the CoreCoach.

Along with a bunch of fitness trainers and physical therapists we designed it to be user friendly for anyone to use at home at an affordable price.
Since then, thousands of people have also had amazing results.

Here's How the CoreCoach Works

To make the CoreCoach a great product for you, we made it not only super easy to use but we also created a series of 12 online training videos.

The videos start with the basics and let you move at your own pace. They are geared for everyone from the weak or impaired to the serious athlete.
The videos are not only available online but also through the CoreCoach mobile app.

If you don’t like watching videos, no problem. The CoreCoach also comes with a complete training manual.
At this point I know you’re asking yourself, “how much”?

Well I already spilled the beans that it’s less than a
doctors appointment.

If you were to get an exercise plan from a PT, you would pay hundreds of dollars and you would likely forget many of the nuances and simply blow off the routine after a short while.
The CoreCoach is designed to coach you to target the deep core muscles so you can’t forget how to do the exercise and you can’t slack off.

As for price? Our mission is to make it accessible to the millions of people in this world with back pain so they can have the chance to get back to the activities they love. To do this we need to first get the word out there about the CoreCoach.

That said, we are offering a very 
Limited special discount if you purchase the CoreCoach now.
The standard retail price for the package we are offering is $158—a pretty good deal—but today we are giving it away for just...
Only $158 $79
And that INCLUDES ALL the free videos
Well get this. Because we really, really want to help the 80% of people in this world affected by back pain, when you buy your CoreCoach today we will include  
Two FREE Bonuses
The first is a carry bag to store your CoreCoach and keep it safe. It’s on us. 
The second is this…and it’s a HUGE bonus that was a point of contention within our office whether to give it away for FREE or not.
It’s something that will bring you HUGE relief.
We are going to throw in the NeckCoach
—for no additional cost.
Let me tell you about the NeckCoach.

Is this you? Staring at your cell phone or drooping your head while looking at the computer? If your neck does not already hurt because of this, it will.

The NeckCoach is a simple option using the CoreCoach technology to strengthen your deep neck flexor muscles. The muscles responsible for keeping your head over your shoulders where it belongs. Stop causing undo strain and reduce your neck pain.
The NeckCoach as a standalone product is another $79. That would be $158 if you purchased both the NeckCoach and the CoreCoach separately! But, along with the CoreCoach,
We will include the NeckCoach accessory for FREE.
So for just $79 you will get…
  • the CoreCoach
  • the CoreCoach neoprene belt
  • the training videos
  • the mobile app
  • the training manual
  • a carry bag
  • AND
  • the NeckCoach
100% Money Back Guarantee

To sweeten the pot even more, we guarantee that you’re going to be satisfied so we are offering a 100% moneyback guarantee

We are so confident that you will love the CoreCoach as much as everyone else that if for any reason you don’t—I mean any reason—just return it within 30 days for a full 100% refund. 

We’ll even pay for the return shipping. We know you’re going to love it and feel so much better as a result.
What Are You Waiting For?
So…don’t wait for another doctors appointment.

Don’t wake up another day with stiffness and pain.

Get back to the activities you love.
Order now while this offer is still available.
Don’t wait on it.
You’ll feel so much better for doing it.
  • Back pain sufferers
  •  Any age from 19-91+
  •  Pro athletes to pro office workers
  •  Postpartum to post injury
  •  Back spasms
  •  Slipped discs
  •  Spondylosis
  •  Sciatica
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